iPad application for online sales operation

  • Built-in Barcode Scanner
  • Bluetooth printer connection
  • Easy Price/Stock Check
  • Fast Order Transfer thru Mobile Connection
  • Order/Collection Receipt
  • Fully Integrated with Harmony Software
  • What do you expect from a business software !
  1. Reliable Software
  2. Quick Service
  3. Maintenance Free Software
  4. Fast Response to Your Needs
  5. Dual Language Support
  6. Easy Integration with Other Softwares
  7. 4GL and Reliable Database
  8. Remote Access to Your Informations
  9. Easy Access thru Internet
  10. Salesrep Mate Software on Iphone



Back office software have been designed for Windows NT /2003 server and Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 clients. (Last update 09.11.2015)


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